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Summer 2020 Camp Registration

Registration Opens May 20, 2020

Due to customers adversely affected by COVID-19-related issues, $15 registration is waived. 

Parent(s)/Guardian First Name and Last Name*

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Coding Warriors Camp Session and Dates

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Spanish Word Warriors Camp Session*

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Spanish Word Warriors Full Summer Camp - All Weeks*

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This form is for Summer 2020 camp sessions for learning how to code and learning how to speak Spanish.  All camp sessions are virtual with content along with camp leaders that will be available the during the selected week(s).

The Asterisk (*) next to a field, means that you must complete the requested information for that field in order to submit your registration form.

Once you click the Submit button you will receive either a call or email about how to submit payment, (Payments may either be submitted online or by mail).

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