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SandsCastle Learning provides e-Learning opportunities in a wide range of learning products and courses.  e-Learning allows for to determine your own schedule where you can determine the pace. 

You can enjoy the benefits of covering the materials when you have the time, you can go over it as often as you need.  The content is consistent and can be easily accessible repeatedly if needed to gain a better understanding.

Studies have shown a more steady increase in content retention and increased performance in e-Learning students to a significantly greater degree than face-to-face instructor led classes.

Consultations are scheduled where you will given specific session information such as delivery method, contact information for your instructors , what work is expected, deadlines  and payment information. We will begin our regular consultation scheduling in July 2020.  We are limiting our Summer 2020 consultations only to working with school age youths.

What is e-Learning, e-Learning is amethod that provides learners an option for learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational resources and/or curriculum outside of the traditional classroom. Udelivered completely online.

Current e-Learning Sessions

             A+ Certification Training (click image)                            School Age e-Learning Sessions

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